A lot of people living in the modern world are worried about having a headache even if they have a headache, but only after a few months are interested in dealing with chronic headaches. Some people struggled because the time for pain relief to improve gradually decreased even if they tried to temporarily reduce the headache.

There are people who are struggling because these symptoms are similar even if they depend on the method and use another method. Some complained that as time passed, the symptoms such as these headaches became more diverse. Neck pain, stiff shoulders, heavy head sensation, and dizziness are one of the common symptoms that chronic headache patients complain of.

If you are struggling with such a long-lasting headache, you should visit a medical institution and look into your problem on time. Even if they visit a medical institution and complain that their head hurts, there are many people who do not know the cause of the pain. There were some people who were told that there was no abnormality even after a CT scan or an MRI scan because they suspected a brain problem.

However, just because the cause was not found does not mean that the symptoms are mild. In addition, it should be borne in mind that there is a risk that the daily damage that will suffer from leaving a headache alone will increase.

At this time, there was a conversation as another cause that could be suspicious. As mentioned earlier, if you have symptoms of indigestion along with the appearance of a headache, you can suspect this phlegm. There are many cases where symptoms do not improve no matter how much digestive agents are taken because of difficulty in digestion. If you touch the stomachs of people who have had a bad stomach for a long time, you can easily feel something stuck together.

This is called damjeok, and if the problem occurs, it is believed that there is a possibility of exposure to gastrointestinal diseases such as headache and indigestion, as well as name pain, diarrhea, and constipation. Jonggak Oriental Clinic said that symptoms caused by conversational problems are not limited to gastrointestinal diseases.

Damjeok affects the nervous system, circulatory system, urogenital system, etc., and makes symptoms such as headache and dizziness, depression and stiff shoulders, and frequent urination mentioned in the introduction. The cause of this phlegm is decreased gastrointestinal function. In the case of the stomach that has been down due to stress and fatigue, the stomach wall becomes sagging, and the muscle layer inside the stomach mucosa loses elasticity and mobility, and becomes sagging.

At this time, due to poor gastrointestinal function, the remaining food is decomposed and gas is exhaled. This gas makes the saggy stomach swell, causing phlegm. Damjeok, like endoscopy and CT, has a characteristic that it is difficult to grasp even after a close examination.

Therefore, in order to manage phlegm, it is necessary to strengthen the function of the lower stomach. At this time, Jonggak Oriental Clinic was helping with oriental medicine management that enhances the function of the stomach.

In order to reliably identify the phlegm prior to management, the autonomic balance test that tracks the homeostasis of the autonomic nervous system against stress through periodic periodic changes in the heart rate over time, and the symptoms, lifestyle habits, and level of stress that are different for each person are examined. I was helping with the diagnosis with a gastrointestinal examination to determine. In addition to this, we use precise diagnosis such as abdominal diagnosis and pulse diagnosis, which are representative diagnosis methods in oriental medicine, to understand the phlegm.

After seeing the diagnosis results, we are helping with management methods such as herbal medicine, herbal acupuncture therapy, and acupuncture stimulation therapy according to different constitutions. The management of herbal medicine and medicinal acupuncture can be expected to achieve more positive management only when prescriptions are made according to the symptoms or causes that differ from person to person.

In addition, if life therapy management such as food therapy, exercise therapy, and stress management methods to help keep the stomach in good condition, you can expect to prevent the recurrence of phlegm. In order to reduce the worries about the recurrence of phlegm and manage it, help is needed to manage the lowered gastrointestinal motility and strengthen the elasticity of the gastrointestinal muscles.

As soon as symptoms appear, you need to get a clear diagnosis, and it will be important to take proper care. At Jonggak Oriental Clinic, it is said that the problem that needs to be investigated together with the stomach problem is the nasal disease. Gallbladder may accumulate in the nose and sinuses, and sinusitis is the same as the phlegm of the nose.

In this case, the nose is clogged, the air flow is not smooth, and the eyes and brain cannot cool down. I think this can cause a headache. In this case, he said that he should try to manage the cause through appropriate prescriptions to examine the phlegm of the nose.

​It will not be unfamiliar to modern people who are under stress due to excessive work and have a busy daily life with chronic indigestion, gastritis, headache, and dizziness. However, if left alone, it is good to have an active posture to correct it early as it is talkative that symptoms can spread throughout the body.

Although the word narrator may sound unfamiliar, it is also very common among modern people. You can expect natural improvement through herbal remedies, so I hope you will find out and get help. I’ll finish this hoping that only you can take care of your health.

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