Local effect: When acupuncture is placed, surrounding blood vessels expand -> blood flow increases and damaged tissue is restored.
When nerve fibers of the skin or muscles are stimulated with acupuncture, the stimulation is reflexed in the axon unit, and various substances such as CGRP are secreted to promote tissue recovery.

Pain suppression
When acupuncture is released, it suppresses the action of the pain receptor and shows analgesic effect.
This is because the ATP (organic compound attached to adenosine) cycle is activated to make adenosine and is secreted out of the cell, and adenosine binds to the adenosine A1 receptor to suppress pain.

Relaxation of muscle contractions
Muscle contraction relaxation is controlled by proprioceptive receptors in the fascia.
Muscles include the muscle spindle and the golgi tendon organ.
In the fascia, there are proprioceptive receptors such as stretch receptors.
They are connected like a net through the whole body beyond the area to maintain the balance of our body and interact with each other.

When acupuncture is released, these proprioceptive receptors are stimulated.
-> Contracted muscles relax, sagging muscles contract to balance the body
*Chronic pain: A condition in which adhesion and fibrotic lesions are formed due to accumulation of microscopic damage
This can also lead to problems with spinal alignment.

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