There are many types of rhinitis. Furthermore, it also have sinusitis.

In addition to allergic rhinitis, there are sinusitis and hypertrophic rhinitis. In addition, vasomotor rhinitis and infectious rhinitis also exist.

Rhinitis, which gets worse especially in winter, can cause congestion of the nose and become more sensational, which is often accompanied by discomfort in daily life.

Fatigue also accumulates more. It is important to correct it early because rhinitis does not simply end with rhinitis but also leads to other complications.

When rhinitis leads to complications, chronic sinusitis (sinusitis), nasal polyps, and even appearance and brain can be affected.

​If you usually sniff or have a clear runny nose, if your nose is often blocked and you breathe through your mouth, if you rub your eyes or nose frequently, you may suspect rhinitis and be careful not to come into contact with certain substances.

We are helping to improve the underlying cause of rhinitis through a cooling clinic.

Through acupuncture, cupping, herbal medicine, etc., treatments are being conducted to improve the underlying cause, improve immunity to strengthen the lungs, and to improve the function of the nose normally.

Above all, it is important to cure rhinitis by enriching dry energy and improving immune function.

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