For our modern people, who are living in a busy day, we can say that problems related to the waist are unavoidable and forceful.

​Workers spend the day sitting all day long and looking at the PC screen, and even for students, there is no other part.

​As we have more time to sit down and study all day, the pressure on the lower back becomes heavier.

However, if we continue to maintain this life without solving this problem, our lower back will feel more severe pain.

First of all, back pain is caused by a variety of causes, so it is difficult to say one thing.

The most common problem is herniated disc, which is a musculoskeletal disease.

The disc is located between the bones of the spine and the bones of our body.
It absorbs the impact and protects the movement of the bones at this time.
It is called the intervertebral disc.

This is not a continuous pain, but in most cases it appears and disappears once in a while, and not a few people expect natural healing.

However, since you can never self-repair, you need to get an accurate diagnosis at Bokdaedong Oriental Clinic and receive treatment to relieve pain.

In oriental medicine,’Tui Na therapy’ is the most commonly used treatment to relieve these symptoms.

​No matter how much the pain is the same, the patient’s constitution or other parts are considered and the underlying cause can be found and improved.

Acupuncture - Medwell
Acupuncture – Medwell

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